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1 March 2002


Council conclusions on the "SOLVIT" network

"The Internal Market/Consumer Affairs/Tourism Council,

RECALLING its conclusions of 31 May 2001 on the Review of the Commission's Strategy for the Internal Market in which it recognised, inter alia, the need for improved administrative cooperation as a key element of the internal market,

1. WELCOMES against this background the Commission's Communication on Effective Problem Solving in the Internal Market ("SOLVIT") 1 and ENDORSES the Commission's Recommendation of 7 December 2001 2 on the principles for using the SOLVIT Network;

2. CALLS UPON the Member States to take appropriate measures to ensure that the existing Coordination Centres take active part in the SOLVIT Network, within available resources, with a view to rapid and effective problem solving, while noting that Member States may sometimes need to pursue cases beyond the recommended timeframe;

3. UNDERLINES the importance of integrating new Member States into the SOLVIT Network upon their accession to the European Union and therefore INVITES the Commission to associate the candidate countries with its further development;

4. INVITES the Commission to report regularly on progress made with the SOLVIT initiative."


1 COM(2001) 702 - 14650/01 MI 193 ECO 363

2 OJ L 331, 15.12.2001, p. 79.